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The first step in starting any online project is choosing an appropriate web host. Essentially, you would obviously require a space where your website can be found on internet. This being said, one of the most common difficulties that webmasters have to face is that of making a selection between a windows and a Linux hosting service. Whenever you are confronted with such a situation it is always better to consider the basic requirements that you would need in developing your website. If your requirement is such that you need to use technologies like ASP, .NET or MSSQL on your website, only then you should opt for Windows based web hosting services. If this is not the case, then it would be highly advisable for you to keep things simple and go for Linux hosting services.

Usinsoft technologies provides an excellent and high quality Linux based web hosting services. These services come with a myriad of associated benefits which are particularly helpful in boosting online businesses. So if you are a webmaster or e-retailer in Chennai India and are planning on starting your own e-business, you should definitely try the services provided by our company usinsoft technologies.

Salient Features: The Linux hosting services provided by us are quite flawless and unique. Essentially, the company offers different packages to its clients. These packages include web hosting services for one, two or three years; the clients can select anyone of these packages based on their requirements. These packages come loaded with some features which can be summarized as below:

  • Availability of an enormous server disk space.
  • Facility of unlimited data transfer.
  • All these packages provide the facility of unlimited domains parking.
  • The clients have to face no restriction on the number of FTP accounts that they can create.
  • The users also have the facility of an unlimited total My-SQL database quota.
  • These web hosting services also enable the clients to view live visitor statistics on their websites.
  • These services also support various google apps that are available online thereby improving the functionality of the websites.
  • Additionally, these packages also come with Curl library as well as GD library support.

All in all, if terms like reliable, impeccable and high quality services, interest you while selecting the web hosting services, then Linux hosting packages provided by our company is just the thing for you.