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At usinsoft technologies, we take your privacy very seriously. We want your experience on our website as easy, rewarding and safe as possible. This Privacy Policy stands as our strong commitment to your privacy and security. This policy relates to our use of information from all users of our services, at whichever level they are. We ask you to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly before using our website or our services.

Information that We Collect

We will collect information from you the moment your fill a form or register on our website. the registration process or typical form filling will involve entering at least your name and e-mail address. But you can also visit and browse our website anonymously.

The information we collect can be used for any of the following goals:

  • 1. For personalizing user experience;
  • 2. For improving our website;
  • 3. For delivering better quality customer service;
  • 4. For processing transactions. We will not share (or sell) any of your information with any third party for any purpose, unless there is a recorded consent from you. The only exception could be for the purpose of delivering the service/product you have ordered.
  • 5. For sending out regular or seasonal emails. We could use your email address provided by you during enquiry or order placement for sending out future updates/information related to our products/services or company news. If you need to unsubscribe from our emails, we will provide unsubscribe link and information along with each email.
  • 6. For running or administering a promotion, survey, contest or other similar features on our website.

Protecting your Information

We have implemented the latest industry standard security features to ensure that all your personal information remains entirely safe.

The different cases and types of information that we may collect during different activities on our website are described as following:


When you register for our services, you will be required to provide information like Name, Address, Phone Number, the Operating System you use, and your financial details for billing. This personal and financial information collected will be used for managing your account. We will not sharing this information with any third party, unless and until there is consent from you or if there is a special circumstance.

Note: - We may share certain personal information with our partner(s) if you subscribed/registered for our services as a result of our joint promotion with the partner(s). but the partner(s) will not be allowed to use your information for any other purpose. We may also create non-identifiable profiles from your personal information provided to us by you.

Domain Name Registration

Let it be known that domain name registration information is something that must be legally available in the public domain. Anyone can access domain information such as domain name and contact information of the registrant. So we are required to host your domain name registration information to the public domain. This means that our clients may be searched for in the WHOIS database. But we will not be responsible for any spam they receive through any sites or sources beyond our website.

Online Advertisements

We at usinsoft technologies advertise our services, achievements and offers through online advertisements. We may share non-identifiable information about our customers and visitors with our advertisers. We or our advertisers may use this non-identifiable information for delivering customized advertisements to you. For example, our advertiser(s) may create a specific target profile of our customers and create an advertisement focused on this profile. We may then target the advertisement to this audience. We will however not share any information that could personally identify our customers or visitors to the advertisers.

Information about Email Inquiries

Prospects, customers and visitors may send us email enquiries and we will be using the return email address to answer the queries. We will not share or use your return email address for any other purpose. If you provide your contact information in the email, we may call you back to answer the query. Your act of providing the contact information in the email may be taken as your agreement for us to contact you using the information.

Customer Surveys

We may conduct customer surveys from time to time, and we encourage our individual/enterprise customers to participate in them. These surveys can help us improve our services and products in different ways. All your information along with response will be kept confidential. This holds true even if the survey is conducted by third party services. all of our surveys are voluntary in nature. We will eventually use the non-identifiable information for improving our services and even for developing new products/services. we may also share this non-identifiable information with certain third parties.

Definition of Special Circumstances

Usinsoft technologies may disclose your personal information or the way you use our services or website in special circumstances. The special circumstances or cases may be related to the laws, government regulations or legal orders for access to such information. the case may require disclosing of information for the identification of the user involving legal action or in case of violation of our policy or for the protection of our customers or the company itself.

How we Use Cookies

Cookies are very small data files which are stored locally on your system's hard drive when you visit any website. we may use cookies for collecting, storing and even tracking certain information for statistical purposes for improving our products/services. if you are already a registered member/customer on our website, we may use cookies for saving your settings and for providing customized services.

However, the cookies we use will not allow any access to your information to any third party. When you use our website, you will be required to accept cookies. Our partners and advertisers may also make use of cookies for collecting relevant information, and we don't control the use of such cookies. We explicitly disown any responsibility for the information collected by such agencies.

Statistical Information

We will be regularly using the information collected from our website's traffic for diagnosing server issues, and for the administration of our website. We analyze all the data gathered on our site for creating broader demographic profiling so as to improve the quality and user experience of our site. This aspect of information application is entirely non-identifiable, except in case where we need to prevent abuse/fraud on our system.

Our Commitment to your Data Security

Our website and services have industry-standard security systems for protecting the loss, alteration and misuse of information which is under our control. Our commitment is to use all these systems for ensuring total protection for your data, but we cannot provide any guarantee against "hackers" who may make illegal attempts to obtain any such information.
If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

Usinsoft technologies reserves all rights for revising, or modifying this privacy policy and terms of use at any time. we also hold the right to make the revisions in any way. Information about any such revision or modification will be provided according to the Internet Service Agreement. As already mentioned in the beginning, we expect that you will be using our website and services only after reading this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.