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Before you use our website you agree that you will be using it in a way consistent with our terms and conditions. The use of the site should also comply with the laws. In using our site, you will also be agreeing that you will not upload any material that may contain any malicious software or codes.

The following terms and conditions apply to all of our visitors and customers. By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions.

Limited Licensing

At usinsoft technologies we authorize our visitors and customers to copy any of the materials published on this website only for noncommercial purposes within your organization, but only in the interests of usinsoft technologies products.

We do not authorize you to use the information for any other purpose. However, the copyright of any such copied material will lie with us.

You may use, print or download the content on this site subject to fulfilling these conditions:

  • You will be using the content solely for informational purposes;
  • You will not modify the content in any way.
  • You agree not to distribute, republish, or prepare any derivatives, or use the content in any way than allowed here.

Trademarks and Copyrights

All the logos, service marks and trademarks published on this website are the sole property of usinsoft technologies and/or other partner(s) or third parties. You are not allowed to use any of these marks without the written consent of their owner. usinsoft technologies is the registered trademark owned by usinsoft technologies.

This website and its content are the property of usinsoft technologies and/or its partner(s), and are protected under applicable copyright laws. The display, organization and the compilation of all the content, software and creativity used on or related to this website are the sole property of usinsoft technologies. We reserve all rights in the website and its content, unless specifically granted according to any agreements entered into with us.

You are not authorized to frame or use framing methods for enclosing any logo, trademark or other proprietary information given on this website without our written consent. Similarly, we do not authorize any use of "hidden text" or meta tags that uses our company name or trademark, or any proprietary information as part of a link without our written consent.

If there is any unauthorized use of the website or its content, we hold the right to terminate all or any of the license or permission granted by us.


We endeavor to ensure that all the information provided on this website is accurate, but we do not provide any guarantee about its accurateness and completeness. usinsoft technologies may modify or append the content, materials, products/services and prices on the site at any time without any notice. We shall not be held liable for any direct/indirect, supplementary, or consequential damages that may arise out of the use of or the failure to use this website or our service. we shall also not be held responsible for any damages or consequences arising out of the use of the information provided on this site even in situations we have been already been advised about the potential consequences of any such information

Terms Related to Third Party Sites

Our website may contain links to one or more third party website(s). usinsoft technologies is in no way responsible for the information provided or the consequences arising out of your experience with those third party sites. we are also not liable for the accuracy or consistency of the information or advice provided on such sites. the presence of any such link on our website is solely for the purpose of convenience, and it doesn't in any way mean to be an endorsement.

User's Right to Privacy

At usinsoft technologies, user privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will not share our customer or visitor information with any third-party except in special circumstances. In order to learn about those special cases, we recommend referring to our Privacy Policy.

Safety and Privacy of Children

We have taken special measures to protect the safety and privacy of children. We recommend that parents should supervise the access to this website if they are to allow their children to do so. Thus, it becomes the sole responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children access only appropriate materials and services on our site. We recommend you to be cautious when revealing any information that could personally identify you or your children.

Products/Services Offered

Usinsoft technologies provides products and/or services through this website. when you register for obtaining a product/service from us, you will be accepting the particular agreement that applies to that product/service. You will be using the product/service provided on this site according to the terms and conditions laid down in such an agreement. Beyond such an agreement, we do not provide any guarantee that a product/service description on this site can be taken as entirely accurate, updated, reliable or free of error.

Applicable Laws and Area of Jurisdiction

All disputes and/or claims that may arise out of or in connection with this website shall be governed by the laws of India. All parties irrevocably agree to the sole jurisdiction of court(s) in India.

Contact for Terms of Use Queries

If you have any queries regarding our Terms of Use, it is recommended to contact us. Send us an email at info@usinsofttechnologies.com and we will respond within a business day. In using this website, it is automatically understood that you have read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of this website and agree to them.

Usinsoft technologies reserves the right to modify or append these terms at any time and in any manner it deems appropriate. If we find that there is any violation of these terms, we hold the right to take appropriate legal action as allowed by the law. All these terms apply to everyone who visits or uses this website.