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Usinsoft technologies makes it extremely simple for your business to manage your website content – be it e-commerce or otherwise through our Content Management System. Various activities ranging from sending newsletters and promotional emails to updating product descriptions and adding new categories of products to your e-commerce site can be easily managed using our content management system. We offer unlimited data support, thus allowing you to add any amount of categories and products to your e-commerce site.

We provide the full suite of services around enterprise content management – from readymade solutions to customization and integration of the content management system with other enterprise applications. We also offer services such integration with legacy systems, data migration and conversion. We can also combine services from multiple vendors to develop a solution tailor made for your business. Over and above development, integration and migration services, we also offer assistance in selecting a CMS solution from the vast array of solutions in the market place.

So, what is a CMS?

In simple terms, a CMS is a software package that helps you to manage online content. It aids in the creation, online publishing and distribution of website content. Most CMS are similar to word processing software such as MS-Word in terms of their front end features. However, a CMS is much more feature rich than just a word processing software. A CMS allows you to create the presentation structure for various forms of information such as articles, images, videos and other design elements and provides you with the tools to publish it online. A CMS system also offers features to archive and store content.

Our content management system shall be uniquely customized for your specific needs – thus allowing you to be in control of your business and website. Depending on your needs and your staff skills, we can design a highly technically oriented CMS that can be used by a qualified webmaster or a simple and intuitive one that even a technologically challenged content editor can use effectively.

We also offer amazing customer support – you can reach us over telephone or email any time you need our help!

Content Management System Features

Some of the key features of our CMS are:

  • Text Editing
  • Image Management
  • Flexible User Permissions Management
  • Web Forms based Lead Generation
  • E-Commerce Functionality
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Integration
  • Integrated Website Analytics and Search Engine Optimization
  • Contact Database
  • Web-based publishing
  • Format management
  • Revision control (version control)
  • Indexing
  • Easy Search and Retrieval
  • Storing, revising and publishing documentation.

Seamless Content Management

Our CMS allows you to quickly create new content and articles and even update existing content on the fly.

Compatibility with 3rd Party Plug-Ins

Our CMS easily integrates with 3rd Party e-commerce plug-ins such as Paypal and Google Checkout making it an ideal choice for your e-commerce venture.

Integrated Website Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Our CMS allows easy installation of Google Analytics and analytics based search engine optimization and tracking. You can easily update meta data, and sitemaps to make your site search engine friendly.

Flexible User Permissions Management

We understand the need for accuracy and security of data and the role of appropriate user rights management in maintaining data integrity. Our CMS access can be regulated at multiple levels and you can grant access to various parts of the website to different team members based on their organization level roles. Admin access to the CMS can also be controlled in a similar manner.

In short, we offer you a robust and scalable CMS solution that is most suitable to meet your needs while providing you to maintain your creative freedom with your website design.