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At usinsoft technologies we have a team of technical experts who can provide you with the right technology based solutions for your website development needs. We focus on developing innovative websites which can generate high ROIs within a short timeframe.

Some of the website development services we provide are:

  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database Integration
  • HTML, .XHTML and CSS3 based Websites
  • Javascript and Jquery development

With so many technologies available today, it can be difficult to decide what the best option for your needs is. Don’t worry though! Just reach out to us and we shall give you a free consultation on what kind of solution best suits your needs.

Why Should You Choose Us for PHP and MySQL Development Services?

  • Talented pool of programmers who can deliver over and above what is promised to clients!
  • Ability to customize effectively to create compelling web pages
  • Detailed documentation of code in order to enable easy maintenance
  • Ability to develop small websites to complex ones based on client needs
  • PHP migration services help to transform your current website code into a PHP based one.
  • Our database driven website development and integration services helps to create user friendly and feature rich websites.

PHP is one of the oldest scripting languages that is widely used world over. It allows web developers to create dynamic web pages that make use of databases. PHP is an open source server side scripting language that works best when embedded into HTNL pages.

MySQL is an open source RDBMS (relational database management system) which can run as a database server providing multi-user access to various databases. Because of its agility and reliability, MySQL is a popular choice among web developers.

There are several advantages of using PHP and MySQL together for website development. Some of these are listed below:

  • PHP offers powerful features of more complex languages such as C and Perl in an easy to use format.
  • PHP is a great tool for website development and web application development.
  • PHP offers cost effective solutions for building robust and reliable web applications.
  • PHP based solutions are easy to maintain and update
  • MySQL and PHP complement each other very well for creation of dynamic websites

Javascript and Jquery

Jquery is a popular javascript library that enhances productivity of website development. Some of the Jquery services we offer include:

  • Jquery Integration
  • Jquery Plugin Development
  • Jquery Performance Optimization
  • Jquery Mobile App Development